Since 2002 Caregen Laboratories are a global provider of growth factors and biomimetic peptides in the cosmetic industry. Operating for many years, advanced Research and Development Centre has led to patented innovative active ingredients that are included in the products of many world renowned companies. Advanced products ranges under its own brand are:

  • Dermaheal - technologically advanced products for needle and no-needle mesotherapy and dermocosmetics with biomimetic peptides and growth factors.
  • Revofil - fillers with a unique formulation of hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides.
  • Aquashine - products for deep needle mesotherapy.
  • Renokin - conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows formulated with three patented peptides that stimulate its growth.

Korean biotechnology company Caregen Laboratories operates a number of scientific research, is particularly focused on rebuilding the hair and preventing hyper-pigmentation, provides with growth factors and biomimetic peptides products such brands as La Prairie, Revlon or L‘oreal.

GIULIANI SpA is an Italian pharmaceutical company, founded in 1889 in Milan, that produces and distributes products focused in gastroenterology and dermatology. In its portfolio has prescription drugs, OTC and food supplements to help treat  among others Crohn’s disease, food intolerances as well as dermatological disorders. The offer includes also new chemical entities and biotechnological products targeted to treat inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

GIULIANI SpA manufactures innovative vitamins Monoderma' A15, C10, E5 in its purest form, closed in protective, completely biodegradable capsules for a single application to the skin. In 2013 the range of vitamins was expanded with vitamin Monoderma' M5, which as a first vitamin was registered as a medical device.


Italian company Seventy BG puts strong emphasis on continuous improvement of its portfolio and proposing its customers convenient to use products with high quality and high efficiency. During its searches particular attention has devoted to research on use of nanotechnology in the products for professional skin care. Close collaboration with research centers and universities around the world has led to the development a modern and unique range of peels SkinProject® Nanopeel - a wide variety of peels in the form of a thixotropic gel (TCA, Jessner, EYE).

MAYA BEAUTY ENGINEERING company is one of the first Italian manufacturers of electro-medical and medical devices. Through constant research and cooperation with universities, engineers and experts in that field, MBE constantly improves
devices and introduces new technologies.
Venusian CO2 Therapy is the most advanced device for carbosyntheraphy that enables safe and painless injections of carbon dioxide. Has the innovative blood vessel injection sensor that prevents the formation of bruises after the treatment and microcontroller that checks the purity and the quantity of gas and the speed at which it is administered, which allows fully control the course of the treatment.

AntiAging Institute is the member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine a charitable organization dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of diseases associated with aging. The organization has a membership of nearly 18,000 doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals in 85 countries. Through its educational programs, training, seminars, research programs, focuses attention on the problems of aging and methods that can delay these processes.